1909-11 T206 White Border
Eddie Plank

This lot features one of the most important and celebrated rarities in the universe of sports collectibles. The T206 Ed Plank has, since the inception of the hobby, been among the most legendary and highly sought after issues. Next to the famous Honus Wagner card, this is the most iconic issue within the landmark T206 set. Many theories exist trying to explain the rarity of this card, none of which have been substantiated. It is interesting to note, however, that Ed Plank appeared in most of the major candy card sets of the era, while appearing in just a couple of the tobacco issues. In "Collecting Sports Legends," the beautiful book written by Joe Orlando (President of PSA), the T206 Ed Plank is ranked as the fourth most important sportscard of all time.

Ed Plank enjoyed a 17-year Hall-of-Fame career (1901-1917). He was the first left-handed pitcher to record both 200 and then 300 victories, and finished with a career total of 326 (13th All Time). One of the most consistent pitchers of his era, he registered 20 or more wins eight times. He won a game in each of two World Series championships with the legendary Philadelphia A’s teams of 1911 and 1913. Finally, he still retains the record for the most lifetime shutouts by a left-handed pitcher with a total of 69.

The offered example is among the highest quality copies graded by PSA. It is nicely centered right to left, and about two to one top to bottom. The borders are very bright and an attractive creamy-white color. The interior surface of the card is extraordinarily clean. The printing clarity is exceptional, with a sharply registered image of Plank. The background is a beautiful solid sky-blue color. The corners exhibit moderate even wear that is consistent with the grade. And the entire obverse is covered with a soft satiny sheen. Superb visual appeal.

Sold in 2013