1909-11 T206 White Border
Walter Johnson (Portrait)

This is the extremely popular and attractive "Portrait" variety T206 White Border issue of Senators Hall-of-Fame pitcher Walter Johnson. This is one of two cards to picture the iconic "Big Train" within the T206 set, and both are among the most desirable and highly sought after of all the tobacco-era issues.

The legendary Walter Johnson was perhaps the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball. He enjoyed an absolutely dominating 21-year career, all with the Washington Senators. He was a 12-time American League strikeout champion, he had 11 seasons with a sub-.200 ERA, he was a two-time MVP Award winner, and a one-time World Series champion. Johnson still remains the all-time career leader in shutouts (110), second in career wins (417), and a member of the 3,000 strikeout club.

In over 30 years in the business, this is one of the very finest T206 Walter Johnson "Portrait" cards we've ever offered for sale. It is, quite simply, a stunning gem. To start off with, the centering is as close to perfect as you'll ever find – both ways. The card features huge oversized top and bottom borders. All four corners are extremely sharp, with just a hint of frictional wear visible under magnification. The printing and surface quality are both flawless. The intricately detailed image of Johnson is bold and crystal-clear. The sunshine-yellow background color is so bright and vibrant, it gives this card the appearance of an original artwork. And finally, the entire card glistens with a soft satiny sheen. An unbelievable treasure.

Sold in 2013