1895 N300 Mayo Cut Plug
Cap Anson

Issued in 1895 by the Mayo & Brother Tobacco Works of Richmond, Virginia, this landmark set includes 40 different players. Eight of these players are featured in two different varieties, bringing the total number of cards in the set to 48. One of just a couple of major sets from the 1890's, this issue includes 19th century legends Dan Brouthers, John Clarkson, Ed Delahanty, Hugh Duffy, Buck Ewing, Billy Hamilton, Kid Nichols, Wilbert Robinson, Amos Rusie, John Ward, and most famous of all, Cap Anson. Due to their easily abraded black borders, Mayo's are extremely difficult to locate in high-grade condition.

Cap Anson, regarded as one of the greatest players of the 19th century, spent most of his career with the Chicago Cubs organization. He became the first major leaguer to record 3,000 hits and played in an incredible 27 consecutive seasons. Elected to the Hall-of-Fame in 1939, Anson was considered one of baseball's first "super stars."

The offered card is the finest example SGC has ever examined. It is nicely centered with remarkably clean black borders. The corners exhibit only mild, even wear. The photographic image is clear and sharply focused, and the reverse is exceptionally well-preserved. A significant 19th century rarity, featuring one of baseball's early legends, in finest-known condition.

Sold in 2009