1909-11 T206 White Border
Sherry Magie (Error)

One of the "Big Four" rarities in the landmark T206 White Border set. Along with the cards of Honus Wagner, Ed Plank and Joe Doyle - NY Nat'l, this issue picturing Sherry Magee (misspelled as "Magie") is among the most celebrated, important, and coveted cards in the entire hobby.

Distributed in packages of Piedmont cigarettes, this card picturing the Phillies' Sherry Magee was initially issued with an incorrect "Magie" spelling of his last name in the first release of the "150 Subjects" series. Once the error was detected, the mistake was corrected and the subsequent releases featured the correctly spelled "Magee" last name. This brief mishap created one of the most famous sportscard rarities.

On the rare occasions that a copy of this card becomes available, it's almost inevitably found in lower grade condition. The offered example is truly an exception to the rule. It is extraordinarily well-centered, much better than is typically found on this issue. The borders are extremely clean and have a beautiful milk-white tone. The surfaces are virtually flawless and are free from any blemishes or impairments. The central image and peripheral lettering is clear and boldly printed. The yellow-green background color is as deep and rich as the day this card rolled off the printing press. And the corners show just a moderate amount of evenly distributed wear.

This is one of just three copies graded EX 60 By SGC, with only two finer.

Sold in 2012