1932 US Caramel
#26 Lou Gehrig

I have to admit that this is my personal favorite card in the entire auction. One of the most important issues within the classic 32-card US Caramel set, this card is also one of the rarest in high-grade. After having been involved in selling a number of these cards discovered in the two "finds" in the early 1990's, I can think of no other card in the set, other than Lindstrom, that is more difficult to locate in true NM/MT condition.

Gehrig is one of the most beloved figures in the history of baseball. Probably the greatest first baseman of all time, he enjoyed a spectacular 17-year career (1923 - 39) with the New York Yankees. He achieved numerous significant milestones in his career. Most famous, though, was his 2130 consecutive game appearances - a record which stood for well over 50 years.

The offered example is absolutely breathtaking. All four corners are squared up - with just a hint of friction visible at the tips. The borders are clean and have a light vintage-white cast. The centering is near perfect side to side, and just a touch heavy on the top. The image of Gehrig is clear and well focused. And the scarlet-red background color is deep and bold. This is the one and only example graded NM/MT 88 by SGC, with none higher. A masterpiece!

Sold in 2011