1908 E102
Christy Mathewson

Issued anonymously, the E102 set features 25 different players. Four of the players have been discovered in two varieties, bringing the total number of different cards to 29. This set is closely related to the larger E101 set, as well as the various E92 issues. On many of these sets, the only differentiation is the text on the reverse.

One of the Baseball Hall-of-Fame's inaugural members in 1936, Mathewson had an amazing 17 year pitching career with the New York Giants. With 373 career wins, Mathewson is tied for the third most in baseball history. Mathewson's pinnacle season was 1905 when he won the NL Pitchers Triple Crown and had an amazing World Series; three starts, three complete games, and three shutouts in a span of just six days. ESPN voted his pitching performance in the 1905 World Series as the greatest playoff performance of all time.

The offered specimen is a superb-quality SGC NM 84 example. It is one of only two copies graded as such, with none higher. The card features beautiful, multi-colored artwork, with a clear, sharply focused image of Mathewson. The borders are an attractive creamy-white tone. The corners exhibit only a slight amount of mild wear, and the overall surface quality is exceptional. This is universally considered one of the most attractive cards ever issued.

Sold in 2009